Tungsten-Copper Alloy

Material IntroductionTungsten-Copper alloy is a two-element alloy mainly based on tungsten element and supplemented by copper element. It’s a composite metal material. As metal copper and metal tungsten have big difference in physical properties, it’s imp

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Material Introduction

Tungsten-Copper alloy is a two-element alloy mainly based on tungsten element and supplemented by copper element. It’s a composite metal material. As metal copper and metal tungsten have big difference in physical properties, it’s impossible to adopt casting process for production. Now the industry generally uses powered alloy technology for production.

Areas of Application

1、High Performance Material for Aerospace Industry

Tungsten-copper material has high density, transpiration cooling, high strength at high temperature and resistance to erosion. Our company has more than 45 years of experiences in research, promotion and application of tungsten-copper products, and has been awarded the second prize of national invention award, and confidential national patents.

2、Vacuum contact materials

The tungsten-copper / copper composite contacts produced by our company have no third alloy elements, and the tungsten substrate is sintered at the temperature above 2000 ℃, the overall processed at high vacuum. And it has the advantages of uniform material, low content of gases and impurity, high conductivity, good composite interface, a dense layer of copper, etc. Over the years, most domestic vacuum load switch tube manufacturers have been using our composite contacts. Hundreds of thousands of the production capacity can meet the needs of all the new and old customers.

Advantages: high ablation resistance, high toughness, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and good machining performance.

Delivery state: the W-Cu contacts of a good variety of shapes joined with copper, steel and others.

Semi-finished products: various infiltrations and casting materials with no machining,; various unprocessed contacts that are welded or brazed to copper or steel support member and welding or brazing process.

Our company also produces a variety of welding or brazing contacts connections.

tungsten-copper contacts

3、Electrodes for electrical discharge machining

When machining a hard alloy product, with electrical discharge, due to the characteristic of the WC, the copper or graphite electrode will wear quite quickly. For the machining of this material with electrical discharge, the W-Cu electrode produced by our company is the most suitable one.

Product properties: high corrosion rate, low loss rate, exact shape of the electrode, excellent processing performance, good quality of the WC workpieces surface.

Product types: bar, pipe and sheet metal.

Tungsten-copper and molybdenum- copper electrode

4、Electronic packaging materials and heat sink material

W-Cu electronic packaging materials possess both the low expansion of tungsten and the high thermal conductivity of copper. What is particularly valuable is that its thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can be adjusted by the material composition and then be designed so as to bring great convenience of the applications of the material. We use high-purity raw materials with good quality, and then by molding, sintered and infiltrated at high temperature, the W-Cu electronic packaging materials and heat sink material with excellent performance are made. It is suitable for material for the package of high-power device, such as a substrate, electrodes and so on; the lead frame of good performance; military and civilian thermal control device such as thermal control board and the heatsink.

Advantages: it has the thermal expansion coefficient and the high thermal conductivity that can matches with different kinds of matrix; excellent high temperature stability and uniformity and excellent processing properties;

Specifications: the maximum size of the surface plating Ni, NiAu or non-plating Ni W-Cu plate is100x100mm, thickness 0.5-50mm.

Ablation-resistant materials Ablation-resistant materials packaging materials

Product Specifications

AT & M Refractory Metal Materials use isostatic molding process to produce a variety of large, shaped products, compression molding, extrusion molding and injection molding. It can produce a variety of sheets, rods, tubes and small products with different shapes; and by using rolling process, a variety of plates and multi-composite plates can be produced. We can provide domestic and international customers with a variety of different components of the tungsten-copper alloy. And the technology of us has reached the international advanced level. The main specifications of them are:

Production Process

Leading process leads to leading products

Different applications require different properties of the material. AT & M Refractory Metal Materials adopts different processing methods to meet performance requirements.

Company Advantages

AT & M Refractory Metal Materials is the inventor of tungsten copper infiltration material at home. It has been developing and producing since the 1960s. It has developed multiple brands of supporting materials of W-Cu, Mo-Cu, W-Mo-Cu these three material systems. And all of them are used for military supporting. Our company has the history of research and application of tungsten copper infiltration products for 45 years, and has won the National Invention Prize, the National Science Conference Award; the Third Prize of Ministry of Metallurgical Science and Technology Progress Award. For fifty years, it has been producing the supporting continuously, and achieved rich R & D and production experience. The quality of the products and the technology of it stay ahead, and it has established a perfect system of production, testing and quality assurance. The most types of tungsten (molybdenum) infiltrated copper materials are exclusively supporting produced.

Relevant Products

AT & M Refractory Metal Materials are very willing to provide you with any professional service, including product design, production and assembly, as well as maintenance and repair, and know more alloy products of AT & M Refractory Metal Materials: molybdenum-copper alloy, tungsten alloy, molybdenum alloy.