1、Refractory Materials & Ceramics Branch of AT&M, whose predecessor is Refractory Alloy Laboratory of Central Iron and Steel Research Institute , was founded in 1958. As one of the earliest units devoted to the refractory metal material in domestic market, Refractory Branch owns the largest sized and the most advanced manufacture facilities in the domestic refractory metal fields. Now, treating the refractory metal materials like tungsten, molybdenum, rhenium, sputtering target materials, and hot isostatic pressing etc. as the main research direction, Refractory Branch constantly provides services to the global high-end market.

The total staff of AT&M Refractory Materials & Ceramics Branch is 644, among which, a core team with 14 doctors, 66 postgraduates, and 81 undergraduates is contained.Refractory Branch has applied more than 30 patents with 17 ones have been authorized.

Meanwhile, Refractory Branch owns the biggest size and the most advanced research, manufacture and inspection equipment in refractory field. The main equipment including 850 hot isostatic pressing machine, 1250 hot isostatic pressing machine, cold isostatic pressing machine, plasma spraying equipment, vacuum induction sintering furnace, controlled atmosphere heat treatment furnace, high temperature sintering furnace, ultrasonic testing, universal testing machine, three coordinate measuring instrument, TC600C oxygen-nitrogen analyzer, C600C carbon analyzer etc.

2、Atomized Metal Powders Subsidiary is a part of P/M Branch Company of AT&M Co., Ltd., which is the largest producer in China of special metal powders using high water pressure and vacuum melting inert gas atomization technology. At our new plant in ZhongGuanCun Scientific Industrial Zone in Beijing, six major series and over 50 kinds of metal and alloy powder including iron, nickel, cobalt, and copper based alloy powders, low alloy steel, tool steel, stainless steel powder, and custom specific irregular or spherical shape metal powders are produced using the most advanced technology and modern equipment imported from Germany and England. AT&M and its main share holder-CISRI has been supplying metal powders for soft magnetic applications, thermal spraying hard facing, controlled porosity filtration since 1960's. At present, the newly developed cost effective diamond tool matrix powder, FeNi30 catalytic powder for synthesizing single crystal diamond, Sendust, Hi-Flux, and MPP magnetic core powders, and fine powders for metal injection molding has severed some native and abroad noted customer, and the capacity of production is up to 1000 ton per year. AT&M also offers innovative research and development services through its R&D Center and its own P/M and magnetic material industry. In 2004 , the Atomized Metal Powders Subsidiary passed the ISO9000-2000 quality control system certification. Once selection of our powder is made, tight quality control assures that the product you receive have consistent properties as specified.