Technology Basics


Equipment manufacturing engineering mainly consists of metallurgical equipment business and fluid and automation business. Metallurgical equipment business is the core of Engineering Technology Division. The primary business is designing and manufacturing precision cold rolling strip mill. The First new mill put into production in 1985. Until now it has been completely developed 20 kinds of models (including temper mill), including width from 250mm to 1780mm two, four, six, eighteen and twenty roll mill. More than 200 sets have been popularized and applied. Metallurgical equipment is of fast speed, good shape and high precision. It is widely used in strip cold rolling and formation process. The product is intended to the high-end market segments, as well as providing a stable OEM manufacturers and suppliers. Meanwhile, engineering department also carries out cold rolling workshop and factory design services, complementary design and manufacture of pickling, annealing, shearing, straightening and other equipment. Fluid and automation business is the earliest department which engaged in research the thickness of the rolling mill automatic control, and hydraulic pressure servo cylinder manufacturing. Its researching capability and technological level keep the leading position in domestic. the department has undertaken and completed all kinds of rolling mill AGC, APC, AEC, AWC, CPC, EPC etc more than 500 servo automatic control system in more than 30 years . These products won numerous national and ministerial awards. Automation and servo control department have integrate multiple subjects, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, computer hardware and software control, and other professional major into an engineering projects department, it builds three mechanical/electrical equipment factory cooperated  with the other companies simultaneously, and thus formed a one-stop complete system with research and development, manufacturing, project promotion, after-sales service. These products can provide reliable electro-hydraulic servo control system for all kinds of strip mill and metal processing line continuously in domestic.