Amorphous Distribution Transformer

Mainly used in the field of distribution transformer, compared to the traditional silicon iron and steel core transformer no-load loss of energy saving 60%--80%.

Manufacturer:Yongfeng Nanocrystalline Products Branch
Contact Person:Mr. Sun Origin:Haidian District,Beijing

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安泰科技 非晶配电变压器2# 010-58712641.png

安泰科技 010-58712641 .pngApplication:
Compared with the traditional silicon steel transformer, the non-load loss of AMDT is greatly reduce, which attributes to the low loss and high permeability characteristic of amorphous material. Therefore the AMDT is taken as the best energy-saving transformer so far. As to the SH15 AMDT, the non-load loss reduced 70% compared with the S13 type.Thus the AMDT is wide use in the rural power grid and other regions with lower transformer loading level, and plays an very important role in energy-saving and emission reduction for power transmission and distribtion.

安泰科技 010-58712641 .pngRural Power Grid with Average Loading Facotor at 0.3.

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安泰科技 非晶配电变压器3# 010-58712641.png

Even though the Price of AMDT is Higher than that of slicon steel transformer, it will be more economical if evaluated by Total Owning Cost(TOC).