Technology Basics

NdFeB magnet has the highest properties (high residual induction, coercive force and energy product) in a competitive price. It can be machined into all kinds of shapes easily and used in many fundamental fields directly, such as telecommunication, generators and motors, electronics engineering, electrical home appliances, instrument, nuclear magnetic resonance, magnetic suspension as well as magnetic sealing and so on. It’s also popular to be used as basic component because of small size, light weight and high performance.

AT&M Special Alloy Branch used to be the Pilot Plant of CISRI. During the past nearly sixty yeaes, Special Alloy Branch was the R&D and the trial -manufacture center of special metal materials. Till now ,we have developed hundreds of brands/types special alloys by ourselves. Our branch contains Special Alloys Melting Center and Forging &Rolling production line.

Our  product can be uesd in many fields such as Aerospace, Petrochemical, Automotive, Energy, Electronics & Electrical, etc.