Advanced Technology & Materials Functional Materials Division (short for Division) located in the No 30 Yuhua Rd, Part B of Tianzhu Airport Industry Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing. It covers an area of 216 mu of land, in which the land of building has 124K square meters. To the east, it is the Jingmi road which is 200 meters far from here. And the base is also 100 meters far from the No. 15 subways. The Vanke City Garden locates in the north of the base which 1 kilometers far. The International Exhibition Center locates in the south of the base which is also 1 kilometer far from here.



The Functional Materials Division also named as the Beijing Capital Airport District Branch in Shunyi district.

The Division has two branches, a research laboratory and a joint venture enterprise, which is the Neo-Magnets Branch, Special Alloys Branch, Magnetic Materials & Special type alloy Research Laboratory.


Core function of the division:

· New materials’R&D: Researching and developing the new materials and technology, constructing the R&D buildings.

· New material industry incubation: Construct the incubation plant, incubate the new results of the fields.

· New material industry base: Develop the new materials industry base mainly focusing on the magnetic materials. Including the high property rare earth magnets plant,  special alloy melting center, precision metal products plant, Special alloy precision strip plant and so on. It also includes the staff restaurant, bathroom, dormitory and other living facilities. Totally planning 152K square meters. Now 63K square meters are in using.


Main Products Including:

· Sintered NdFeB Magnets

· Casted Superalloys

· Precision Alloys

· Deforming Superalloys,Corrosion Resistant Alloys

· Special Precision Alloys